Josh happened to come across this 1970 Challenger R/T outside a car repair business. The owner has had the

Mopar for more than 35 years, but has not driven it since 2000. The vehicle was initially equipped with a 440

Six Pack V8 engine, but it has an aftermarket stroked 440 under the hood. This Challenger is actually an R/T SE, hence it is one of the rarest

Fewer than 300 Challengers have ever been built. Although Josh sees possibilities for restoration, there is a significant amount of corrosion and bodywork that has to be fixed. Despite its rare status, this Challenger is

unlikely to win any major prizes in the near future, particularly for creativity. Although the hood badging and VIN indicate that this was factory-

Unfortunately, the car's original engine is no longer present, having been replaced with a 440 six-pack V8.