Customers had been waiting impatiently for the Dodge Hornet's pricing announcement to be made as the car's release date approached. This led to the fact that they were

able to assess if the car was affordable given their current financial situation. The consumers were incredibly excited and full of expectations for the goods. The excitement that greeted the

announcement of the Hornet's price in the fiercely competitive small car market demonstrated that there is a substantial level of interest in the Hornet and that it can attract

clients of the Hornet. This was made abundantly clear by the fact that the Hornet was successful in drawing clients. The potential buyers were excitedly looking into the vehicle to make sure they would be among the first

owners of the pricing details and thinking about putting down a deposit before the car was even on the market. A lot of people

showed interest in buying the vehicle, and there were a sizable number of those people.