Ryan initiates the conversation by informing us that his friend Mitch inquired whether he would like to inspect a 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T that he had recently acquired. The most remarkable aspect is that Mitch

discovered the vehicle in the backyard of an individual who lived only a few miles away. Mitch is currently storing the vehicle at a friend's business; however, he has granted Ryan permission to inspect and document it in

detail. Ryan, who is an avid enthusiast of the Mopar and Challenger, of course, complied. Ryan's friend Mitch acquired the Challenger in January of this year, as per all reports, following its acquisition by the previous

proprietor in 1973. Mitch promptly reached an agreement to acquire the Challenger after having observed it situated behind a boat on the previous owner's property, concealed beneath a vehicle cover. Ryan is of the

opinion that the Challenger has been undriveable for a minimum of two decades, and it is likely that it was idle

for a much extended period. Ryan provided us with the following information regarding the vehicle when we reached out to him: