Josh had the unfortunate opportunity to come across the 1970s, as is typical with discoveries of this nature.

I drove past a Dodge Challenger while aimlessly scanning the area for a car repair shop. The fact that it is a 440

six-pack Challenger R/T makes Josh happy, but after talking to the owner, he learns that this Mopar is far rarer than Josh had imagined.

For the past 35 years, I've owned the automobile, but I haven't driven it since the year 2000. The plastic roof, small rear window, and overhead console inside make it clear that this car is a

Vehicles designated as Special Edition (SE) were only available for the 1970 model year. Although there is

some debate over how many SEs Dodge really produced, Alex Kwanten assisted us in confirming with three different sources that 3,979 hardtop R/Ts had the SE option.