Josh came upon this 1970 Challenger R/T outside of a car repair business. Despite owning the Mopar for more

than 35 years, the owner hasn't set foot in it since the year 2000. The vehicle sports an aftermarket stroked 440 Six Pack V8 engine that was initially installed.

400 under the vehicle's hood. One of the rarest Challengers is this particular one because it is an R/T SE. There were fewer than 300 Challengers ever produced. Despite Josh's optimism about the possibility of

restoration, the vehicle is in need of extensive bodywork and rust repairs. This Challenger may be difficult to track down, but it certainly isn't going to win any concourse awards—particularly for innovation—anytime

soon. Despite the fact that the VIN and hood badging indicate that this was a factory-

unfortunately, the car's original engine is no longer installed; it now has a 440 six-pack V8.