Although Goldberg did not receive the amount of money he had hoped for, his two vehicles continue to be sold

at twice the MSRP he paid. A few Dodge executives attended the auction to provide their support for Goldberg and

Discuss the SRT Demon Program. Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale is a week-long event that attracts a diverse array of automotive personalities who are interested in purchasing and selling their vehicles. Goldberg is a former

WWE star and Dodge ambassador. He is offering his 2018 and Barrett-Jackson will host the 2023 Dodge Demons. During his visit, Goldberg interacts with numerous

acquaintances and admirers, as well as rubbing shoulders with renowned customsmen. Chip Foose and Richard Rawlings are vehicle constructors. Meanwhile, he appears to be quite pessimistic

regarding the Demon 170 market and suggests that it may have been more prudent to postpone action until a recovery occurs.