The Dodge Hornet's unique design, clever features, and reasonable price made industry experts believe it would

when initially released onto the market, it sold well. Their arguments hold that these elements are significant elements involved in the demand-generating process. It was set up to succeed in the very cutthroat industry for

tiny cars because of its capacity to attract a wide range of clients, including those who are passionate about the environment as well as

driving, also referred to as "green" clients. It was therefore a fruitful try. This specific rationale led to the introduction of the Hornet. Analysts predicted that Dodge would maintain its leadership position in the

automotive industry given the Hornet's quick ascent to the top of the sales rankings in its category. The reason

for this forecast was because the Hornet quickly rose to the top of the sales charts. inside its field. This fact was a result of the Hornet's rapid rise.