The community is somewhat uncertain about the nature of Dodge's Jailbreak program. Dodge has selected 40

special Demon 170 consumers for their Jailbreak Program, which will be divided into two groups.

20 long-term Dodge SRT consumers and 20 celebrities. The exterior of each automobile is painted in a

a unique color that is distributed between 20 heritage options from the 1970 Dodge Challenger's original paint colors and 20 special modern Dodge colors. This Demon 170 is painted in Panther Pink, a color that Chrysler

exclusively offered in 1970 under the "FM3" paint code. In summary, it enables you to personalize nearly every visual aspect of your SRT.

Challenger or Charger at the factory, including the color of the gas cap and fender logo, as well as the interior trim colors, unique paint jobs, and tire and brake options. calipers.