Ryan begins by telling us that his friend Mitch called him and asked if he would like to come see a 1971

Dodge Challenger R/T that Mitch had just purchased. Several miles away from his house, Mitch found the

automobile in someone's backyard, which is the finest part. Mitch has granted Ryan permission to examine the

vehicle and take detailed pictures while it is stored at a friend's shop. Being a major fan of Mopar and Challenger, Ryan naturally obliged. From what we can tell, the previous owner bought the Challenger in 1973,

and in January of this year, Ryan's friend Mitch bought it back. Upon noticing the Challenger parked behind a boat on the previous owner's property, hidden beneath a car cover, Mitch promptly reached a deal to buy it. In

Ryan's estimation, the Challenger has lain dormant for at least two decades, and likely even longer. We contacted Ryan regarding the automobile, and he told us: