Standard on this Mopar was a 340 cubic inch V8, which, while lacking a 440 Six Pack and a 426 Hemi V8,

nevertheless managed to produce 275 horsepower and 340 lb-ft of torque. What makes this vehicle unique is

that it has a new engine—a Chrysler 340 V8, purportedly taken from a 1970 Plymouth Cuda—instead of the original. However, Ryan and Seth confirmed

confirms the engine's authenticity by matching the casting code with the transmission. Better even, Greg's

garage is home to the original, matching-numbers 340 V8 that belongs to Mitch, the car's owner.

shop. If Mitch decides to spend a lot of money and time fixing up his Mopar, he will end up with a valuable Challenger. On the other hand, it's likely that both engines and the bodywork require a complete restoration.